Radius Marketing

Insurance Agent Radius Marketing

Sell a new policy, and then automatically tell the 50 closest neighbors about your services. It's like building a referral machine in 15 seconds or less!

Imagine being able to send a 4-color brochure, front and back, to the 50 closest neighbors of the policy holder you just sold. Now imagine being able to do that in minutes for only $39.50, which includes 1st class mail.

Here's how it works.

We pre-create a postcard for you with your photo, logo and any other information that you want. We do it all for you. Then simply enter your username and password on our secure website. You'll be prompted to enter the address of your new client. From there, our software automatically generates a list of the 50 closest neighbors to that customer. We tell them that you just sold or renewed an insurance policy for their neighbor, and if they have considered getting a quote or revising a policy, they should call you today to find out why you are so popular in their neighborhood!

TIP: Ask your new client if you can use their name when you attempt to help some of their neighbors? Now the mail piece is really personal and real effective!

We do all the printing, develop the list, affix postage, and mail them for you. To create the postcard, you have a one time design fee of $150 per template. You are only charged for the design one time and can use the card for as long as you are on the program. Yes, that's printing, postage and the list for $39.50. You even receive the list of names at no additional cost. There is a monthly subscription fee of just $9.95 to access this service.

It's vital that you market yourself to succeed in business. There is nothing more powerful than a referral lead because it's an implied endorsement. Why not get more referral based business by targeting the neighbors of your clients. Own the neighborhood!